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Our learning content is based on the academic principles of the IU International University of Applied Sciences

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XU sustainable offers you a unique package of certified learning content on our learning experience platform (LXP) in one of the most relevant areas of future expertise: sustainability.

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Our learning content – prepared by experts and based on the academic principles of the IU International University of Applied Sciences
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Together with our international network of experts, we offer more than 90 hours of learning content and 200 hours of accompanying learning material on sustainability at the XU School of Sustainability. Choose the topics that are relevant to you and your team to drive your and your organization’s  sustainability transformation.

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Supply chains

Sustainable supply chains

Supply chain

Implementation in corporate divisions

Recommendations for negative impacts on your value chain


Introduction to sustainable finance

Sustainable financial standards and ESG regulation

ESG strategies for financial products

ESG criteria and roadmap

Social sustainability

Acting with social responsibility

Social impact on employees along the value chain

Social responsibility in society and communities

Social life cycle assessment (S-LCA)

Basic knowledge

The three dimensions of sustainability

Basics (ecological, social & economic)

Terms, concepts & theories


EU Green Deal

EU Action Plan

Corporate Social Responsibility Directive (CSRD)

Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG)

Human resources

Competitive advantage sustainability

Shortage of skilled workers

Gender equality


Sustainable marketing


Crisis communication

Individual learning on demand
Tailor-made learning content and qualifications at university level

After determining your level of knowledge, we will recommend a suitable qualification from 90 hours of course content. You will have the freedom to choose learning content according to your personal time and interests. After each completed course or masterclass, your confirmation of participation will be available for download.

100 courses

30 to 240 minutes

10 masterclasses

7 to 9 hours

Personalized confirmation of participation by the IU

Our learning content is based on the academic principles of the IU International University of Applied Sciences

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Sustainability is becoming a must-have
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Political institutions are holding companies accountable

The message to companies from national and EU administrations is clear: not just capital market-oriented companies, but companies from all sectors must increasingly comply with legal transparency obligations in order to avoid high costs.

Stakeholders are demanding sustainability

Despite the increasing interest of all stakeholders in sustainability and the growing pressure on companies, thus far, only a few companies have begun a comprehensive transformation towards sustainability.

Why is that?

One reason for this is that many companies lack the necessary sustainability skills for their employees. This complicates the definition of concrete goals and often makes the implementation of a sustainability strategy impossible. Companies that recognize and act on this now are gaining clear competitive advantages and the confidence of investors.

The 5 stages of sustainability
Achieve the next level of sustainability transformation with continued training

e.g. risk minimization through legally compliant CSR reporting
e.g. stakeholder involvement, development of basic expertise for things such as CO2 reduction
First results
e.g. reduced footprint, higher attractiveness as an employer
e.g. increase in sales
Positive influence
e.g. thought leadership, securing competitive advanteages, first mover advantage

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