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Want to improve your ESG? Are your stakeholders and customers demanding more climate protection? Do you suddenly have to deal with political regulations for supply chains and CSRD, but don’t know how? We will provide you with a customized package of certified learning content including the learning experience platform (LXP) and get your company qualified in the future expertise of sustainability.

Bringing SDGs in line with your growth and profitability

The pressure on companies to become more sustainable is increasing due to legal transparency obligations and stakeholder demands. However, many companies lack the necessary sustainability skills in terms of personnel* to meet these requirements, gain competitive advantages and score points with investors.

Political institutions are holding companies accountable
Stakeholders are demanding sustainability
Resolving the sustainability transformation through continuing education

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Our learning content – prepared by experts and based on the academic principles of the IU International University of Applied Sciences
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Together with our international network of experts, our learning experience platform (LXP) offers more than 200 hours of learning content and 350 hours of accompanying learning material in future expertise sustainability including digitalization* and mobility drivers*.

*Learning content exclusively for partners and enterprises

Supply chains

Sustainable supply chains

Supply chain

Implementation in corporate divisions

Recommendations for negative impacts on your value chain


Introduction to sustainable finance

Sustainable financial standards and ESG regulation

ESG strategies for financial products

ESG criteria and roadmap

Social sustainability

Acting with social responsibility

Social impact on employees along the value chain

Social responsibility in society and communities

Social life cycle assessment (S-LCA)

Basic knowledge

The three dimensions of sustainability

Basics of ecological, social and economic sustainability

Terms, concepts and theories


EU Green Deal

EU Action Plan

Corporate Social Responsibility Directive (CSRD)

Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG)


Opportunities and risks of digitalization

Customer & user centricity

Software and software engineering


Platform economy

Leadership & culture

Mobility of the future

Electric cars

xEV technology

Charging infrastructure

Case trends

Scalable, individual solutions
Choose from our range of services in sustainability expertise

Choose the services you need from our 360-degree portfolio. Learning content, topics, scope, certifications and services are scalable and based on your needs, or those of your partners, service providers and customers.

Our platform profile

Our learning experience platform (LXP) is a cloud-based SaaS solution (Microsoft Azure) that ensures maximum availability and free scalability with its service-oriented architecture. It meets the strictest European and international security requirements, is GDPR-compliant and is regularly and independently audited.

Our exams and certifications

  • Pentest – conducted by independent auditors from the Big Four
  • ISO 9001 – quality management
  • ISO 27001 – information security management
  • TISAX – information security automotive
  • BSI – cyber security check
  • AZAV – TÜV Nord

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XU sustainable
Knowledge for Growth

Want to improve your ESG? Do you lack the inhouse expertise in your company to implement new political regulations, such as the CSRD (CSR) or the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act? Are your stakeholders and customers demanding more and more climate protection? Or do you want to take responsibility for the environment and establish yourself as a pioneer in the field of sustainability in new markets?

Then let us help get your employees ready in all the essential sustainability topics, or train them in our certificate course to become internal sustainability managers.

Our mission

We decided to do things differently – but above all to do them better. The learning content, the technology, the cooperation. The result is a learning experience platform that simplifies your company’s sustainability management.

Wherever your company is on the journey of sustainability transformation, engaging and training your employees is a must. With our certified training courses, your employees and managers will gain the factual knowledge to get your company ready for the future and learn how to integrate sustainability management into existing company processes.

Overcoming challenges from politics and business

We offer sustainability training programs that inspire, empower and impart essential knowledge to your employees. This gives your company important expertise and the tools to address challenges of new political regulations, such as implementing CSR, to combine sustainable development and corporate goals while meeting the demands of markets and stakeholders.

Practical and university-level learning

We empower your employees to master the challenges of the sustainability transformation, to implement regulations such as the CSR or LkSG (Supply Chain Due Diligence Act) and requirements of stakeholders and customers and to master communication with the outside world.

Our continued training in the form of online courses and master classes with various modules is brought to you by leading experts and based on the academic principles of the IU International University of Applied Sciences.

Our nano degree can be accepted as part of a subsequent master’s degree program at IU to an extent of 5 ECTS credits. The learning content is based on the academic principles of the IU.

Upon completion of one of our four certificate programs, learners will receive certification as:

  • Certified sustainability manager
  • Certified climate action manager
  • Certified social supply chain manager
  • Sustainability compliance manager

The learning content is based on the academic principles of the IU International University of Applied Sciences. Optionally, there are shorter master classes and courses that map compact learning units.

Strengthen your network: Thinking about tomorrow with partners now

The future is as diverse as the potential of the people who shape it. That’s why we offer both you and your partners and customers the opportunity to act more sustainably.

The focus of the learning content is on topics such as climate change, new mobility, digitalization and new technologies. In addition, we train your company in the management of sustainability, the protection of the environment and effective communication with the outside world. Our programs help you understand and implement these aspects.