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Don’t just get your company ready for the future, do it for your partners, service providers and customers, too: Provide qualification in sustainability and become the thought leader of your industry.

Our learning content is based on the academic principles of the IU International University of Applied Sciences

How to benefit from the XU sustainable partnership
Ensure the future viability of your company

In a partnership with XU sustainable, you not only future-proof your own company, you expand your service portfolio with a unique package of certified learning content including learning experience platform (LXP) and services around the future “sustainability” expertise with their “digitalization” and “mobility of the future” drivers. Support your partners, service providers and customers in their sustainability transformation and benefit along the value chain.

Expand your service portfolio
Ensure your competitiveness
Increase your sales
Enhance your image

The XU sustainable revenue share model
Growing together

Market XU sustainable’s scalable, state-of-the-art, white-label learning experience platform (LXP) to your customers, service providers or partners with all the learning content and services in your own business design.

  • Customized business model
  • Rapid market introduction
  • Manageable investments with fixed budgets
  • Diversification of the revenue portfolio with ARR
  • Stakeholder training impacts overall value creation
  • Real sustainability transformation, high commitment and ENPS
  • Increase attractiveness for investors

Excellent learning

The E-Cademy of ZF Friedrichshafen and XU sustainable was awarded the German Personnel Management Award 2022
With the E-Cademy, ZF enables the targeted development of knowledge and expertise on e-mobility within its own workforce. The results speak for themselves:

  • 11,600 active learners
  • 78.4% engagement rate
  • 64% completed courses

Our learning content – prepared by experts and based on the academic principles of the IU International University of Applied Sciences
As an XU sustainable partner, you get access to all content on the topic of sustainability

Together with our international network of experts, our learning experience platform (LXP) offers more than 200 hours of learning content and 350 hours of accompanying learning material in future expertise sustainability including digitalization and mobility drivers. We support you and your customers in making the learning initiative a success: tailor-made learning experiences and success checks are part of our services.

Excerpt of topics:

Supply chains

Sustainable supply chains

Supply chain

Implementation in corporate divisions

Recommendations for negative impacts on your value chain


Introduction to sustainable finance

Sustainable financial standards and ESG regulation

ESG strategies for financial products

ESG criteria and roadmap

Social sustainability

Acting with social responsibility

Social impact on employees along the value chain

Social responsibility in society and communities

Social life cycle assessment (S-LCA)

Basic knowledge

The three dimensions of sustainability

Basics of ecological, social and economic sustainability

Terms, concepts and theories


EU Green Deal

EU Action Plan

Corporate Social Responsibility Directive (CSRD)

Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG)


Opportunities and risks of digitalization

Customer & user centricity

Software and software engineering


Platform economy

Leadership & culture

Mobility of the future

Electric cars

xEV technology

Charging infrastructure

Case trends

Individual learning on-demand
Offer certified learning content at practice and university levels

All learners can choose courses, masterclasses, certification programs and a nano degree according to their time and interests. After answering classifying questions, we recommend a tailor-made qualification from 200 hours of course content.

290 courses

30-240 minutes

10 masterclasses

7 to 9 hours

4 certificate programs

approx. 19 hours over 5-6 months

1 nano degree

approx. 150 hours over max. 12 months

can be accepted as part of a subsequently master’s degree program at IU to an extent of 5 ECTS credits

Our learning content is based on the academic principles of the IU International University of Applied Sciences

Plug and Grow
Offer sustainability expertise at the click of a button

Based on the individual needs of your customers, partners or service providers, you determine which modules from our 360-degree portfolio are relevant for you. You get the product with your logo and your company colors: modular, scalable and ready for quick use.

The XU sustainable revenue share model
White label
Content as a service (CaaS)
Software as a service (SaaS)
Engagement formats
200 hours of learning content
Plug & Learn
Integration of 
customer-specific content
Performance measurement & 
KPI-oriented analyses
Privacy & data security
Staying up to date

Sustainability is becoming a must-have
Solve the challenges of tomorrow with your company now

Political institutions are holding companies accountable

The message for companies from national and EU policies is clear:
Not just capital market-oriented companies, but more and more companies from all sectors will have to comply with legal transparency obligations in the future in order to avoid high costs.

Stakeholders are demanding sustainability

Despite rising demand for sustainability from stakeholders and pressure on companies, few companies have so far embarked on a real sustainability transformation.

Why might that be?

Many companies lack sustainability skills in their staff.* This makes it difficult to set a clear goal and often makes it impossible to implement a sustainability strategy.

The 5 stages of sustainability
Achieve the next level of the sustainability transformation with further training

e.g. risk minimization through legally compliant CSR reporting
e.g. stakeholder involvement, development of basic expertise for things such as CO2 reduction
Initial results
e.g. reduced footprint, higher attractiveness as an employer
e.g. increase in sales
Positive influence

e.g. thought leadership, securing the competitive advantage, first mover advantage

XU sustainable - Knowledge for Growth
More than 120 companies have already built their qualifications as sustainability experts with XU sustainable

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