Lead the Market – with eLearning Products on Sustainability and Other Megatrends!

Fast, scaled, relevant and quantifiable skills development is a “must-have” for companies today to tap into important sales potential.

Education-as-a-Service (EaaS) is not only a sensible extension of your business model, but also gives you a promising competitive advantage and a far-reaching image gain with a strong partnership.

To do this, XU sustainable transforms your company expertise into scalable, monetizable learning formats on our established learning experience platform.

Expand your service portfolio
Secure your competitiveness
Increase your sales
Enhance your image

Lead your industry into the future with eLearning

  • Not only make your company fit for the future, but also take your industry with you and become the thought leader of your sector.
  • In a partnership with XU sustainable, you not only transform your own company, on top you expand your service portfolio.
  • With unique packages of certified learning content including the use of our learning experience platform (LXP) and optional services around important (future) competencies, you support your partners, service providers and customers in their sustainability transformation.
  • If needed, you can also have your own eLearning content created.
Revenue share model
Excellent concept
  • Worldwide qualification initiative
  • Establishment of a company-wide learning culture
  • 25,000 employees already trained at the time of submission
Excellent learning
  • 11.600 active learners
  • 78,4 % engagement rate
  • 64 % completed courses
Excellent quality & safety
  • AZAV certification by TÜV Süd
  • ISO 9001, ISO/IEC 27001 and TISAX
  • BSI Cyber-Security-Check
Your benefits
  • EaaS gives you a competitive edge.
  • Benefit from a new business.
  • Easily expand your product portfolio.
  • Secure a scalable increase in sales with initially manageable effort.
  • Underpin your own competence: Whoever trains the market leads the market!
  • Establish your image as an innovative knowledge hub by launching your own experts.
  • Integrate your experts into learning formats (e.g. online learning content, live sessions).
Our expertise
  • We transform your business expertise into scalable, monetizable learning formats.
  • We know Education-as-a-Service:
    – extensive, target group-specific online training courses
    – established learning experience platform
    – strong engagement strategy.
  • We are the market leader in didactically high-quality, customizable content development.
Our offer
  • We transfer your specialist- and industry-specific knowledge into didactically prepared, interactive and digital learning content.
  • We support you with sales and marketing.
  • We develop tailor-made engagement strategies along defined KPIs to achieve measurable learning goals.
  • We guarantee easy integration into existing systems.
  • We provide a strong quality message with WhitelabelXU.
  • Our transparent cost structure guarantees you planning security.

We developed these successful products with strong partners

Have you already found a suitable product for you and your industry? Great, our sales team will be happy to advise you. If not, we can develop practice-oriented and specialist products in the form of our WhitelabelXU solution exactly for your needs.
Let’s talk!

Would you like to learn more about us first?

Who is XU sustainable?

Founded in 2016, XU Group GmbH, as an XU sustainable company, enables companies to advance their transformation through knowledge with Education-as-a-Service (EaaS). Partners can transform their extensive business knowledge into a scalable and marketable EaaS product. Customers master the transformation by empowering their most valuable asset – people.

XU sustainable offers online training for companies in the megatrends of sustainability, digitalization and mobility at practical and university level. The learning content is created with external and internal experts, is partly based on the academic principles of the IU (International University) and is continuously updated.

Regardless of industry affiliation and previous knowledge, XU offers sustainable masterclasses with the latest transformation knowledge for all levels and departments in: AI, automotive transformation and electromobility as well as ESG/sustainability for various industries. The high quality of XU sustainable is AZAV-certified by TÜV Süd.

What is WhitelabelXU?

With WhitelabelXU, we not only offer a market-relevant revenue sharing model, but also a whitelabel eLearning platform with XU sustainable as a quality guarantee. This allows you to combine your brand image and industry expertise with the didactic competence and curated content of XU sustainable.
WhitelabelXU in detail:
– Didactically mature, field-tested learning content in the megatrends of sustainability/ESG, ESG in financial services, e-mobility/automotive transformation, sustainable sports and AI
– LXP design based on corporate design (logo, 1 color)
– Optional services such as KPI-driven engagement strategy and customization (design & content) for an additional charge
– XU sustainable as a quality ambassador

What are my benefits as a partner?

· Fast market entry
· Manageable investment with fixed budgets
· Diversifying the revenue portfolio with ARR
· Achieving SDG goals and ESG reporting compliance
· Impact on the entire value chain
· Real sustainability transformation, high participation and ENPS
· Signal effect on the capital market

What are the benefits for XU sustainable?

· Exponential growth opportunities through partnerships
· Focus on platform business with large orders
· Plannable scaling through ARR and long-term partnerships
· Synergies through partner collaborations (new content, new sales insights)
· Future growth through industry-specific content, innovative platform capabilities (AI), and additional services

How are the responsibilities within the partnership distributed?

Responsibilities of XU sustainable

1. Strategic and operational scaling and management:
· Team building and recruitment
· Account and project management for the services
· Expertise and recruitment of external experts
· Customer support
· Training and setting up a sales team
· Building an ecosystem

2. Content, Content Development & XU learning experience platform:
· Providing a complete domain-specific content base, scaled and digitized XU learning products and platform, industry-specific content development
· Ongoing product development
· Provide experts to develop critical certification requirements, including associated learning paths and content
· Ensure privacy and security standards for compliance and certification

3. Partnerships with universities and experts/consultants:
· Contribution of partnerships with universities and certification of learning products
· Existing network of experts

Partner responsibilities

1. Brand and customer relationship:
· Rights to use the Partner’s brand assets in the cooperation
· Access to the partner’s expert ecosystem
· Establishment of a close network between the joint business, (potential) customers, partners and the product and software department
· Expertise in the partner’s industry
· Qualification, certification, and re-certification requirements
· Permanent support and access to the latest studies, research and benchmarks

2. Sales and marketing measures:
· Collaboration between sales and marketing teams and related stakeholders
· Concrete B2B or B2C sales
· Technical connection of processes and tools
· Top-level partnership approaches

3. Capitalization & Sponsorship:
· Enabling business expansion through new markets, new products, new target groups, etc.
· Capitalization of the cooperation structure (e.g. joint venture)
· Supporting the top management of the established joint business