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The mobility of the future is electric. Above all, one thing is fundamental for a profound transformation in mobility. And that’s motivating your employees and giving them the know-how that supports the necessary changes in their everyday professional lives.

With our continuing education, we offer your employees comprehensive qualifications. Coordinated programs convey demand-oriented knowledge, ranging from basic skills for new mobility and practical know-how to deep dives in the fields of battery technology and charging innovations.

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Together with PEM Motion, an extension of RWTH Aachen University’s renowned Chair of “Production Engineering of E-Mobility Components”, we have developed a comprehensive online qualification offer for the topic of new mobility. On our Learning Experience Platform (LXP), we offer more than 35 hours of interactive, didactically prepared learning content as well as 350 hours of accompanying learning material & news on the topic of mobility of the future.

Topic excerpt:


Introduction to mobility

Trips and choice of mode of transport

Interplay of CASE trends

Outlook for mobility 2030+


Drivers of electromobility

Electromobility – more than BEVs

Ecosystem of electromobility

Central terms and abbreviations

Market & Strategy

Market development & outlook

Customer expectations

Competitive environment

Business model development

xEV Technology

Interaction of use case and technology

Vehicle concepts

xEV systems

BEV design concepts


Functional Basics

Battery systems

Battery production

Technological outlook



E-motor production

Technological outlook

Charging & Power Grid

Charging behavior

Charging infrastructure

Market overview

Power grid


Quantifying and measuring sustainable business

Sustainability in the automotive industry

Recovery and recycling approaches

Excellent learning

The E-Cademy of ZF Friedrichshafen AG and XU sustainable was awarded the German Personnel Management Award 2022 with the E-Cademy, ZF enables the targeted development of knowledge and expertise for e-mobility within its own workforce. The results are clear:

  • 11,600 active learners
  • 78.4% engagement rate
  • 64% completed courses

Christoph Lienemann
Managing Director & Partner PEM Motion GmbH

“Through the broad base of research and innovation experience at the PEM Chair, and our many years of experience with over 400 industry partners in the global mobility sector, we know the immediate need for high-quality and effective qualification solutions that can keep up with extreme disruptions in the industry. Together with XU, we have conceptualized an instructional framework that meets the specific requirements of companies for new solutions and methods by presenting state-of-the-art expert knowledge and future trends in electromobility in an accessible way.“

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New mobility
Transformation pressure on companies is increasing

Unternehmen stehen unter wachsendem Druck. Denn die EU und Deutschland haben hohe Klimaziele gesetzt, die den verstärkten Einsatz von Elektromobilität erfordern. Das bietet Chancen, aber auch Herausforderungen. Mitarbeitende müssen fachlich geschult und informiert sein, um diese Veränderungen zu meistern, um Unternehmen in der Transformation unterstützen zu können. Investitionen in Wissen und Innovation sind daher entscheidend, um wettbewerbsfähig zu bleiben und von den Chancen der Elektromobilität zu profitieren.

The EU has set clear targets for achieving a climate-neutral future and the automotive industry plays a central role in this. By 2030, 15 million electric cars are to be rolled out in Germany, new registrations for combustion engines will be widely across the EU starting in 2035 and a competitive EU car battery industry is planned for 2050 and stricter emission standards and sustainable mobility solutions are to be introduced.

The global market volume for e-mobility is thus increasing drastically, but with it the competition as well, as companies such as Tesla, SAIC and BYC continue to join the scene. In order to meet these ambitious political goals economically, things will need to move more quickly. The high innovation dynamics of the mobility industry make it indispensable for industry companies of all sizes to always provide their employees with practice-oriented, up-to-date knowledge.

The mobility of the future is electric. Political agendas, subsidies, emission standards and innovation plans of the economy, consumers and competition leave no doubt about this. The goal is drive electrification – the path to it is transformation. New types of electric drives bring with them new requirements for operating sequences and job profiles. For the profound transformation of mobility, one thing is fundamental: Motivating employees and giving them the know-how that supports the necessary changes in everyday professional life. We understand knowledge and expertise building as essential elements for change and progress.

More than 120 companies have already built their qualifications as sustainability experts with XU sustainable

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Why German companies should focus on the mobility of the future

Political decisions put companies under pressure and require rapid adjustments: The EU Parliament recently gave the green light for the expansion of charging infrastructure for electric cars. Starting in 2026, charging stations must be available every 60 kilometers (with some exceptions) along roads in the European Union.

Germany, as a location for the automotive industry, has a long tradition in vehicle production, but definitely has some catching up to do in the area of electromobility. Some countries are already further ahead and are increasingly focusing on electromobility.

German companies need to catch up in order to keep pace with international competition. Particularly now that international location competition is increasing, companies must focus on electromobility in order to maintain their position in the market and competitiveness.

E-mobility as an opportunity for your company

Electromobility offers enormous opportunities for companies. It not only enables CO2 emissions to be reduced, but also opens up new markets and customer potential. Demand for electric vehicles is rising steadily worldwide, and companies that invest in electromobility now will secure an edge over their competitors.


Germany can become not only the leading market for electromobility, but also the leading supplier if vehicle manufacturers and suppliers focus on innovative technologies and services.

Your company can counteract the shortage of skilled workers

Electromobility not only creates new jobs, but also offers opportunities for existing jobs. It’s often a concern that the transition from internal combustion engines to electric cars will put jobs at risk. But why is that? Won’t electric cars also need a body, tires, brakes, doors, electronics and interior?

E-mobility training that your employees look forward to

With our continuing education offers, we support companies in getting their employees qualified in and enthusiastic about electromobility. In cooperation with PEM Motion, an expansion of RWTH Aachen University, we’ve developed a comprehensive online qualification program.

Our learning experience platform offers interactive learning content, accompanying materials and up-to-date information on the topic of mobility of the future. Thanks to our many years of experience with industrial partners such as ZF, we know the need for high-quality training solutions in a constantly changing industry.

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The future is as diverse as the potential of the people who shape it. That’s why we offer not only you, but also your partners and customers, the opportunity to become sustainably capable of action.

Our didactic learning concept provides your employees with the latest expert knowledge and future trends in electromobility in order to meet the individual requirements of your company.

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