About us
We decided to do a lot of things differently. But above all, better!

The learning. The dialogue. The technology. The content. This is our true passion and right where we want to implement our deep expertise. Our passion. Our experience. So that everyone can acquire the skills of tomorrow today.

Our vision
Sustainability for the future...

Continuing education and qualification in sustainability expertise is the indispensable prerequisite on the way to net zero and a 360-degree sustainable economy and society.
Together with our partners and customers, we want to raise awareness of the topic of sustainability and thus make a tangible contribution to the implementation of the SDGs and, above all, the climate targets.
By the end of 2026, we want to be a 360-degree reference example of excellence in sustainability for all our stakeholders and prove that the development of a high corporate value through growth and profitability is in line with the measurable implementation of the SDGs.

Our approach
... with people.

XU sustainable starts exactly where the future does and is driven forward: with people and their potential. For the economy, employees with sustainability expertise are a central success factor.
The XU sustainable learning experience platform offers scalable and sustainable (continued) education solutions that enable companies and their employees as well as individuals to grow exponentially beyond themselves.

Skilled workers, innovative strength, competitive edge, authenticity
Continued education & qualification, market knowledge, individual learning, learning experience platform
Sustainability expertise, motivation, co-design & participation, strength of transformation

The XU sustainable founding team

Nicole Gaiziunas and Dr. Christopher Jahns had a common vision. They made it a reality in 2016 with the founding of XU Group GmbH and the development of the learning experience platform. One goal remains firmly in the focus of the founders: How can we succeed in qualifying the employees of today in the expertise of tomorrow?

Nicole Gaiziunas
Co-CEO and Founder

“My childhood heroes are James T. Kirk, captain of the starship Enterprise, and his first officer, Mr. Spock. Even then, I was fascinated by the unknown and the new, which I absolutely wanted to explore and understand. Of course, I wanted to be the captain of a spaceship that would take a brave crew where no man has gone before. Today, as the founder and captain of XU sustainable, I’m concerned with our future – more precisely, how (continued) education will make it possible that not only a few, but all can participate in it.”

Dr. Christopher Jahns
CEO and Founder

“For a child full of thirst for knowledge and a longing for the wide world, a career as a pirate is the way to go. But since there were too few suitable trainee positions, I decided to give up on that career. I have retained my natural enthusiasm for new things. As founder and CEO of XU sustainable, I can combine my fascination for business, education, digitalization, e-mobility and sustainability with what really drives me: people. Above all, however, how we manage to get today’s employees and junior staff qualified in these three future areas of expertise.”

Our Management Team

Dr. Justus Broß
Chief Content Officer
Tamari Bulia
Director Production L&D
Moritz Häberle
Chief Business Developement & Scale Officer
Norman Hentschel
Head of Sales B2E
Iris Horky
Head of Marketing
Paul Lunow
Head of Technology & Innovation
Tobias Meurer
Sustainability Expert & Chief Sustainability Officer
Linda Nikolova
Head of Customized Sales
Torsten Pult
Chief Financial Officer
Dr. Nina Schaffert
Director Account Management
Alina Schubert
Head of Human Resources
Michael Seidl
Head of Business Technology &  Information Security
Kim Semmler
Head of School Sustainability
Stefan Zsegora
Chief Operating Officer
Julia Zöllner
Head of Product Quality Management