Sustainability Certification and Expert Knowledge: Our Products for Your Transformation

Together with strong partners, we have already developed extensive learning content on many practice-relevant topics. Thanks to easy integration, your team can start learning in the existing products within a very short time and, for example, acquire training certificates on the topic of sustainability. We continue to anticipate the needs of specific industries for the development of more products. If your industry is not yet included, talk to us!

At this point, we would like to clear up a misconception: EaaS is not a hawker’s tray of finished courses on a wide variety of topics. Once purchased. Once learned. Tomorrow already obsolete. Our masterclasses, designed by experts and didactics, are continuously updated. You get this guarantee of up-to-date, relevant content with every license you purchase.

With us, your employees can learn excellently and safely!

Excellent concept
  • Worldwide qualification initiative
  • Establishment of a company-wide learning culture
  • 25,000 employees already trained at the time of submission
Excellent learning
  • 11.600 active learners
  • 78,4 % engagement rate
  • 64 % completed courses
Excellent quality & safety
  • AZAV certification by TÜV-Süd
  • ISO 9001, ISO/IEC 27001 and TISAX
  • BSI Cyber-Security-Check

Case Study
ZF generates over 30,000 active users in the field of e-mobility and digitalization

  • Over 30,000 active users in the areas of e-mobility and digitization – the goal was 20,000
  • 73% completion rate – target was 50%
  • 74% would recommend the platform to colleagues
Blonde Frau in dunklem Business-Anzug steht vor einer weissen Wand und lächelt in die Kamera, die Arme verschränkt.
Daniela Prinz
Global Head of Learning & Competency Development, ZF Friedrichshafen
„It is a great pleasure for us to have such a strong partner at our side in XU sustainable, who has not only provided a technological solution, but has also implemented a program with know-how, network and a competent team that is already cheaper and more efficient than classic change management. that greatly enriches our company and moves it forward.“
Glenn Mandziuk​
CEO,​ World Sustainable Hospitality Alliance
„Our members have repeatedly asked us how we support them in implementing sustainability on a truly large scale (globally), effectively (effectively) and cost-effectively (efficiently). With the World Academy for Sustainable Hospitality, we have achieved just that.“
Frank Bohmann
Managing Director, Handball Bundesliga GmbH
„The HBL School of Sustainable Sports, which we implement together with XU sustainable, has a great deal of acceptance among our clubs and us. The scalability and thus also the effectiveness of the learning platform is particularly positive.“