Best Case
ZF Case Study: Already More Than 30.000 Employees Qualified

  • over 30,000 active users – the goal was 20,000
  • 73% completion rate – target was 50%
  • 74% would recommend the platform to colleagues

“It is a great pleasure for us to have in XU sustainable such a strong partner at our side, who not only provided a technological solution, but also implemented a program with know-how, network and competent team that is now cheaper and more efficient than classic change management. We have quickly established a new learning culture that greatly benefits our company and moves it forward.”

Daniela Prinz 
Global Head of Learning & Competency Development, ZF 

Is Your Company also under Pressure to Transform?

How do you prepare yourself and your employees for the growing challenges and requirements of the future working world? How do you minimize economic risks for your business? Preferably, like ZF Friedrichshafen AG, a key player in the global automotive supply industry. With the learning experience platform developed by XU sustainable and the ZF “Skills Hub” initiative, the company made its entire workforce fit for the future – globally and in the long term, be it in the area of e-mobility or digitalization. The numbers speak for themselves.

Tailor-Made, Cost-Efficient, 
Measurably Successful

XU sustainable led the ZF “Skills Hub” qualification initiative to success by implementing a tailored and cost-effective strategy for creating learning materials and motivating learners. The focus on the target groups, didactics, successive activation of the learning content and accompanying engagement measures were a decisive factor. In the future, “Skills Hub” will offer all learners the optimal content, no matter what function or previous knowledge the employees have.

Data-Driven Success Measurement

Data-Driven Success Measurement
The “E-Cademy” kicked off as the first part of the digital learning platform “Skills Hub”, where participants acquired knowledge, qualifications and skills and discovered exciting learning content. The project pursued three KPIs: activating as many users as possible, achieving high completion rates and generating plenty of participants for the live sessions included. The success exceeded all expectations.

  • 19,003 modules completed, 73% of which were finished successfully
  • 13,641 hours of learning completed
  • over 34,000 learners in the areas of e-mobility, digitalization and sustainability

The Learning Experience Platform: Scalable and Customizable Request personal consultation

The digital learning platform “Skills Hub” allows for a user-centered experience that specifically focuses on the requirements of the respective stakeholders at all levels. The project was developed step by step in close coordination and flanked by a KPI-based engagement strategy.

Award-Winning Concept

ZF and XU sustainable were awarded the eLearning AWARD 2024 in the “Change Management” category for the Skills Hub qualification initiative:

  • Worldwide qualification initiative
  • Establishing a company-wide learning culture
  • At the time of submission, 25,000 employees had already received further training


Award-Winning Learning

The E-Cademy, developed by ZF Friedrichshafen and XU sustainable, was awarded the German Human Resources Prize 2022. With the E-Cademy, ZF enables the targeted development of knowledge and skills on e-mobility within its own workforce. The result is excellent:

  • 11600 active learners
  • 78,4 percent engagement rate
  • 64 percent courses completed

More than 120 companies are already qualifying as sustainability experts with XU: